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Our Favorite Pink Christmas Trees!

Hot Pink LED Rope Christmas Lights

This 150 foot of LED rope lighting is an excellent decorative choice when adding a special lighting touch to your decor.  These are anything but standard rope lights.  In fact, do not be surprised if you cannot find these anywhere else!  Although resembling traditional rope lights, the lights on this strand utilize advanced LED technology, which means they are more energy efficient and have cool burning bulbs that do not get hot when lit.  They are also indestructible and will never burn out!  The rope lights of the future, but fortunately they are here today!

LED pink lights

One half-inch in diameter and can be formed into almost any shape. It makes for a great lighting effect when used in Night Clubs, Theaters, Museums, Restaurants and Catered Events, as well as around the home (for bachelorette parties or weddings). Place it around windows, doors and moldings, or run it along walkways or walls!  Includes 3 power cords, 3 splice connectors and 3 end caps.  You can connect them with other similar rope lights to create one long strand of up to 600 feet!  It is rated 120-volt wiring that can be cut to your desired lengths and styles at 36-inch increments. AC operated.  UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.

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Hot Pink Christmas Tree with Pink Christmas Lights

Hot Pink Christmas Tree with Pink Lights

Pink Pencil Pine Christmas Tree with Pink Lights

Love this adorable pink Christmas Tree!  It easily falls into our “favorites” category.

7.5 feet high and a 34″ diameter – great for small spaces, giving the illusion of a big tree.  This pink Christmas tree is designed to be particularly slimmer, allowing you to fit it in areas you may not normally be able to fit it (see below for a link to Fat Pink Christmas Tree).  It is pre-lit with 400 pink lights pre-installed on the tree.  If one bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs on the tree will remain lit.  This tree comes with a 10 year warranty.  There is also a 3 year or 3,000 hour warranty on the pink lights.  There are 803 branch tips on this 7.5 foot Christmas tree.    This tree is also an excellent space saver.  It is flame retardant, to ensure maximum safety for you and your family.  It comes with its own, specially constructed, heavy duty metal tree stand.  Please note that the stand does not increase the height of the tree.

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